PTSD Prevention Training

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Public Services Health and Safety Association is ready to help employers establish their PTSD Prevention Plans and Programs since we have extensive experience in the first responder community. As well, our team members include first responders as well as professional mental health experts.

PSHSA also developed which offers a free online toolkit designed to help employers establish a PTSD Prevention Plan and Program. The online toolkit consists of resources for the First Responder community to help employers establish a PTSD Prevention Plan and Program. The online toolkit consists of resources for the First Responder community that have been validated through established research to understand the various steps of a PTSD program. The aim for employers is to provide access to resources and simplify the process of building their PTSD prevention plan.

Getting Started PTSD Policy Package

Do it yourself with a policy template package, developed by experts that sets up your foundational PTSD Prevention Plan and Program.

Policies included are:

  • Organizational PTSD Policy
  • PTSD Roles and Responsibilities
  • Anti-Stigma Policy
  • PTSD Training Policy
  • Hazard Reporting and Screening Protocol
  • Return to Work Policy
  • Crisis Response and Management

Building a PTSD Prevention Plan Webinar

On April 23, 2017 organizations within the first responder community are being asked to submit their PTSD Prevention Plans to the Minister of Labour. This webinar will help organizations prepare for this by providing information about:

  • Ontario's PTSD Prevention Strategy
  • The PTSD Prevention Framework, toolkit and resources to help you build a plan
  • Components of a PTSD Prevention Plan

PSHSA’s Building a PTSD Prevention Community of Practice 1 Day Workshop

At this one-day workshop, you will be able to work with a PSHSA expert to develop a PTSD

Prevention Plan for your organization.

  • This workshop will help you establish your organizational goals and roles and responsibilities.
  • It will also help you identify the mechanisms you will use to recognize exposures, understand intervention options and establish crisis intervention management process.
  • At this end of this session,  you will have an outline of your PTSD prevention plan, and prioritized elements from the action plan.

Organizational Readiness for PTSD Plan Development

This customized onsite session builds on the Establishing Organizational Leadership for Executives Directors and managers from the organization participate in a one-day workshop to complete an assessment organizational readiness across all tiers of the PTSD Prevention Framework.

Utilising the results of the executive session the directors and managers will:

  • Review organizational challenges and develop mitigation plans.
  • Identify existing strategies, policies and programs that support the development of a PTSD
  • Prevention Plan.
  • Identify policies and procedures required for the organizations PTSD Prevention Plan.

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