Addiction Treatment Centres

Edegwood Health Network (EHN)

The Edgewood Health Network Canada offers a unique approach to the treatment of addiction and related mental health disorders across the country. We offer a wide range of options, available in both English and French, depending on each individual’s specific needs.

So whether it’s an intensive inpatient program, family support programs or access to some of our varying outpatient services we can customize a tailor-fit program that is right for you.

Wagon Online Outpatient Clinic

Wagon is the outpatient clinic that’s always with you wherever you go. It was designed to serve people suffering from addiction and substance use disorders who may not have local access to outpatient services. Wagon is an online outpatient clinic and interactive recovery plan that you can access anywhere, anytime. You’ll spend a few minutes each day logging your goal completions, emotions, triggers, and more. Wagon will remind you exactly what you need to do each day to achieve your recovery goals. And, with Wagon, you won’t be doing it alone! Wagon offers a variety of support services through secure video-conferencing technology: these include individual counselling, recovery coaching, and group therapy meetings. Your counsellor will follow your progress in the app, and will provide you feedback during your sessions, together with best-practice treatment methods.


Bellwood Health Services Website  in Toronto, ON– For 30 years, Bellwood has helped individuals and families heal from addictions, eating disorders, and other related issues. Our treatment programs are based on the world-renowned treatment model of Dr. Gordon Bell, who was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada for his contribution to addiction medicine. Bellwood’s treatment programs are Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, and our high success rates are validated through scientific research.


Edgewood Website in Nanaimo, BC- Is a premier, private residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre specializing in the treatment of addiction and mental health and is acknowledged as one of the very best drug and alcohol treatment centres in North America

Setting us apart from others, Edgewood’s full-time, ASAM/ABAM certified medical doctors are experts in the field of addiction medicine and psychiatry including drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment.  They dedicate their time exclusively to Edgewood – full-time, on-site, providing the best possible medical and psychiatric care to every individual who walks through our doors.  With over 100 years of combined experience working directly with patients across our network, our doctors and psychiatrists provide a level of expertise like no others and have helped over 20,000 patients work towards achieving long-term, sustainable recovery.


Whiterock Website in Vancouver, BC- Is a fully licensed residential treatment facility with the Fraser Health Authority. The program includes 14 beds dedicated to acute medical withdrawal management (“detox”) services and short term residential treatment. Employing a medical model, clients receive physician and nurse practitioner supervised detox including the use of medication assisted therapies (MAT) and 24-hour nursing care.


Clinique Nouveau Depart Website (CND) in Montreal, Quebec- Personalized and individualized patient care is what sets Clinique Nouveau Départ apart. When you visit our clinic you can expect to receive the absolute best care that is based on scientifically proven ways to achieve and sustain recovery from drug abuse.

Physicians holding the highest levels of certification in Addiction Medicine lead the team of experienced and highly skills staff that will work with patients and their families.

Many patients who experience substance abuse issues also have related mental health concerns. We have a full staff of people specializing in mental health issues including depression, anxiety, trauma.

Saskatchewan First Responders – Cree Nations Treatment Haven

First Responder 28 day drug and alcohol inpatient treatment accredited through the Federal Government.

Intake is limited to 10 first responders. Clients must submit application for treatment and have medical attached.  Hard copy Covid test will be required before attending facility.  We do not have detox services so clients are to report with at least 3 days of clean time.

Here’s your opportunity for one to one, group counselling,  informational lectures, access to 12 step and first nations cultural activities.  On duty health care with access to psychologist provided.  No fee required but must have Saskatchewan Health card to attend.

If interested contact intake personnel Roxanne at 1-306-468-2072.  We accept first nations and non-first nations adult clients.  We are located on Ahtakakoop First Nation near Canwood Sk.

Homewood Health Centre Website Guelph, Ontario –  a fully accredited provincial and national resource facility  providing highly specialized mental health and addictions services to all Canadians For over 130 years, we have helped thousands of people living with mental health or addiction problems to get the support and treatment they need to make their lives better.

Admitting inquiries or Phone:1.866.839.2594

Health Centre Information or Phone:519.824.1010.

The Habitude Website team sees addiction and mental health as a symptom; and only 50% of the problem. Our private inpatient addiction and mental health program are based in Hamilton, Ontario and outpatient wellness program based in Burlington, Ontario. Since 2005, we have consistently worked on utilizing best practices to support our male client's holistically using an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary team approach.

Our inpatient program has a maximum of 9 beds for men. We provide individualized thorough and ongoing assessments, and evidence based treatments according to the patients’ needs at each stage of recovery using a bio-psycho-social and spiritual model. Outpatient families can be supported in person in many locations across Canada, or virtually using a safe and secure platform.

Habitude’s integrated team consists of addiction medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, neuro-psychologists, registered psychotherapists, family therapists, grief therapists, social workers, withdrawal management specialists, certified addiction counselors, case managers, certified life and vocational coaches, nutritionists, certified auricular acupuncturists, registered massage therapists, along with certified fitness consultants, yoga, art and tai chi instructors.

Our cutting edge and comprehensive program delivers the best evidence based program in Canada, while offering a very high return on investment for your organizations and employees. We are proud of our long term relationships with our First Responder alumni and meet regularly with them post treatment.

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres Website

At Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres we aim to deliver the most comprehensive and effective evidence-based addiction treatment approach towards each and every client to maximize the effectiveness of both residential and outpatient treatment approaches.

Personalized & Effective Addiction Treatment

Each of our addiction treatment programs is CARF accredited, which means that they adhere to the highest international standards of addiction treatment. We offer treatment at three locations:

  • Trafalgar East helps people with addiction issues and psychological disorders in a 45-day residential program.
  • Trafalgar West works with individuals struggling with addiction and psychological disorders in a 30-day residential program. Extended stays are also available.
  • Trafalgar Outpatient is an ideal alternative for those who can’t attend a residential facility due to their lifestyle demands and are looking for a program suited to their schedule, budget and needs.

Trafalgar’s programs are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client to maximize the effectiveness of treatment.

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Treament Centres (including addictions)

The Stable Grounds Website

We are a privately owned and operated therapy centre, providing residential 30, 60 and 90 day programs for First Responders and Uniformed Professionals who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI)We offer a range of treatment options and focused care in a sprawling, yet intimate farm setting.  We believe that our residential program provides comprehensive treatment that improves recovery times and rates, and allows our guests to work through the healing journey without interruption and with ongoing emotional support.  We recognize the importance of helping those who provide essential services to others and offer priority treatment to support the recovery process through a unique range of therapeutic options.see article

Trauma Healing Centre Website –Whether you are struggling with PTSD, trauma, chronic pain or a disabling illness, we know that finding relief from your symptoms can be difficult, and often challenging. With our dedicated team of professionals, we will develop a treatment plan that will help manage your symptoms and daily living.

At Trauma Healing Centers, we offer medical cannabis consultations to patients who have not found relief with traditional medication, and we pair the consultation with a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness.  Trauma Healing Centers has a multi-disciplinary designation with Blue Cross for military and RCMP veteran clients.  This ensures we can efficiently create a multi-disciplined plan to help veterans heal from their pensionable injuries using medical cannabis and therapy. We are also a complete resource center for Canadian veterans, first responders, citizens and their families looking to improve their health and quality of life. Our goal is to be a dedicated team of professionals and veterans focused on healing patients using medical cannabisPTSD treatmenttrauma therapy, and disabling illness & chronic pain management through a multi-disciplinary approach. Locations in HalifaxMonctonSaint John,Ottawa.