Frontline Forward – 45 SHIRLEY AVE., KITCHENER ON   N2B 2E7

Frontline Forward, a support and education wellness center for people working within high stress environments. Focusing on Frontline professionals to prevent and manage symptoms from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Occupational Stress Injury (OSI). Our multi-disciplinary approach holistically balances the mind, body and soul making a positive change in the lives of our members.

A complete wellness centre for the mind, body, and soul offering ( yoga, chiropractor, move strong, body talk, brain health coaching, psychotherapy/counselling/EMDR, fascial stretching, massage and fitness membership:

Dr. Thinisia Thiruchelvam trained/certified in Active Release Technique, Athletic Movement Assessments (AMA), Diversified Chiropractic Manipulation Technique, and a Shift Concussion Management Provider. 

Julie is an instructor, a Certified Brain Health Coach (Amen Clinic USA), a Brain Thrive by 25 Trainer (for teens and young adults) and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with advanced studies in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Herbology. She is also a Bodytalk System Instructor Trainee, Certified BodyTalk System Practitioner, a Certified Meditation Guide and Reiki Master.

Driven by a passion and genuine interest in optimizing health and human performance to help people lives their best lives. Davor Cvijic is committed to helping build better humans through nutrition, strength and movement. He has studied under some of the best movement practitioners and strength coaches in the world in the pursuit of knowledge that he is now passing along through his own methodology shared in “Move Strong” classes.

Melissa believes that life should be lived with compassion for one another, gratitude, and joy. These values guide her teachings, which are focused on helping her students and clients better connect to themselves while improving their physical and emotional well-being. She combines FST, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga in a holistic way, supporting each individuals healing journey.

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