What we do

As a charitable organization, we empower Canadian Public Safety Personnel.
We promote healthy living through knowledge and education, create connections and a strong sense of community.

Mission Statement

Empowering Canadian Public Safety Personnel and their families who are dealing with operational stress injuries, including post traumatic stress and suicidal ideation, to achieve healthy living and post-traumatic growth.
Hope – Growth – Recovery

What We Offer

Peer Support

Badge of Life Canada offers a confidential, virtual peer support program every Monday evening from 7-9pm ET. It is in a group setting with trained peer supporters and a therapist facilitating. There is psychoeducational and mindfulness component to each session. It is a safe space to identify with others who have been diagnosed with PTSD or an operational stress injury. It’s a space for you wherever you are in your journey. If an organization would like to set up a peer support session exclusively for a certain unit/department/detachment/or facility, contact Badge of Life Canada. All sessions are confidential and facilitated by trained personnel. We will set up the sign ups and email the necessary link for the session.


Knowledge and training empower and transform. Badge of Life Canada believes in continuous learning and keeping up to date with the latest training opportunities. If your organization is hosting any evidence-based, evidence or clinically informed training related to Canadian Public Safety Personnel, please reach out and we will assist in any way we can. Badge of Life Canada has a network of people who can assist your organization with various training including Peer Support, The Effect of Toxic Leadership and Trauma Informed Leadership.


A listing of Canadian therapists, by province (more are being added all the time), who have indicated that they are registered / licenced, are in good standing and take new patients. Those therapists have also indicated that they specialize in treatments for Canadian Public Safety personnel and their specific struggles in order to be a part of their healing journey towards hope, growth and recovery. The therapists include clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers. We encourage you to look at them and select one that you feel comfortable with.


Badge of Life Canada is proactively restructuring to become a networking hub for resources, information, and organizations to share and collaborate. It’s important to take a proactive approach using evidence based, evidence and clinically approaches. Through partnerships and collaboration, we can transform the culture and assist Canadian Public Safety Personnel and their families. If you would like to network and collaborate with Badge of Life Canada, please reach out to laura@badgeoflifecanada.org to learn more.

Information Sharing

Badge of Life Canada has launched a user-friendly website listing informative books, crisis resources, self-care resources and a listing of therapists throughout Canada. Each resource and book listed has been assessed and reviewed for validity. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. We are always looking to broaden our network to empower Canadian Public Safety Personnel and their families. Badge of Life Canada works closely with CIPSRT in promoting information that coincides with evidence based, evidence and clinically informed procedures.


We encourage you to explore our website for useful information. We have gathered relevant information that may help you or a loved one with your healing journey. You will find information about books, conferences, crisis resources, personal growth resources, PTSD, self care, suicide prevention, and much more. The resources are either listed on our website or the trusted sources / websites containing that information is listed on our site.


A short description of the various therapist certifications in Ontario.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists are required to complete a related Masters and Ph.D. program to practice in the province of Ontario that must be research-based and subsequently have a thesis component. They are governed by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).

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Registered Psychotherapists

Registered Psychotherapists (RPs) are registered by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and, like Registered Social Workers and Clinical Psychologists, are permitted to perform the controlled act of psychotherapy.

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Registered Social Workers

Registered Social Workers (RSW) are helping individuals to enhance their well-being. They are governed by the Ontario College of Social Workers.