Why Peer Support

“In May 2015, I participated for the first time in a OSI support group. I am a survivor of PTSD and am married to a survivor of PTSD. Being part of a peer support group has helped me in my life knowing that other people share the same struggles. The best part of it all is not having to justify or explain to the members of the group why I have an OSI or what it is like living with an OSI. Everyone in the group already gets that. This makes the group very different from any other social interaction I have in the community.”
~Lynne Rusk

Badge of Life Canada maintains an excellent list of existing peers – both individual and groups.

Badge of Life Canada itself does not offer peer support services, but we have sought out and validated the existence and work of many individual peers and groups who are presently doing good work within their communities.

We look for positive growth amongst those who are listed as peers and confirm that they have their own self-care plans to ensure their own well-being as they work to support others. We believe that mental health professionals are part of the journey and maintenance in a healthy life of a survivor.

It is incumbent upon each person who reaches out to a peer or peer group to determine if they are the right fit for their individual needs. Empathy may be the key connecting factor – recognizing a person who has walked in their shoes.

Besides ensuring that they are in positive growth and have self-care plans for themselves, our validation process involved confirming the following information before listing them as available to those who visit our site:



Individual or Group:

Name of Group (if relevant)




Years’ Experience –

As a front-line responder:

As a peer support provider:

As a PTSD survivor:

Retired or Active:


Contact Information:

We will continue to develop our peer support list which will continue to grow each and every year on the Badge of Life Canada website.

See page Peer Support Training under events