Gary Rubie

the story

About me

I served as a Police Officer in the Province of Ontario for 25 years. I retired with 33 years of credited service. During my career I spent 19 years working in “Special Services”, Undercover and Investigative. I enjoyed many successes in my career, being recognized 64 times with letters of appreciation from the public, police commendations, and awards. In my 25th year of Policing I suffered career ending job related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I began the healing journey.

I was the first officer in my Police Service to receive a full disability pension from the W.S.I.B. for job related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, under the old legislation,  after a long 6 year battle that included a number of appeals. After receiving my WSIB award, I retired in 2017.

Overview And Experience


Honored to be part of Badge of Life Canada

THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL – Recovery is hard work & requires a daily commitment to self care.

In retirement I became a strong advocate to enact Presumptive Legislation with changes to the WSIB Act, 1987 at a Provincial and Federal level.

I volunteered weekly for 3.5 years with the Homewood Health Center in Guelph, Ontario. I helped co-facilitate the “Uniform Professionals Group” which was formed for Police, Canadian Military (DND) and Corrections, dealing with concurrent disorders, addictions and PTSD.

In 2016 I founded and ran THE PHOENIX PTS SUPPORT GROUP for ALL first responders dealing with OSI/PTS. The group met weekly on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm until 2022. And as I like to say “the magic of rotation” was completed and it was time for others to develop and run their own groups with my support.

I was a part of Badge of Life Canada from 2014 – 2018 and proud to say that, once again, I am a part of this great organization as an Advisor.


A short description of the various therapist certifications in Ontario.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists are required to complete a related Masters and Ph.D. program to practice in the province of Ontario that must be research-based and subsequently have a thesis component. They are governed by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).

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Registered Psychotherapists

Registered Psychotherapists (RPs) are registered by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and, like Registered Social Workers and Clinical Psychologists, are permitted to perform the controlled act of psychotherapy.

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Registered Social Workers

Registered Social Workers (RSW) are helping individuals to enhance their well-being. They are governed by the Ontario College of Social Workers.