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Badge of Life Canada Welcomes Flanders.

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Badge of Life Canada (BOLC) is thrilled to announce the launch of a new Canine Assisted Intervention (CAI) program in Flanders, in partnership with National Service Dog. This initiative is designed to support the mental health of our public safety personnel by integrating specially trained intervention animals into their recovery and daily lives.


Badge of Life Canada Welcomes New Canine Assisted Intervention Program for Public Safety Personnel.

Canine Assisted Intervention Animals, trained by National Service Dog, are more than just pets; they are skilled companions that provide emotional support and facilitate recovery in individuals facing mental health challenges. These dogs help public safety personnel by offering comfort, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and aiding in the management of PTSD symptoms.

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Interacting with therapy animals has been proven to significantly lower stress levels and improve emotional well-being. The CAI program in Flanders utilizes these benefits to provide a non-judgmental, comforting presence that can offer relief following challenging service calls or during recovery from operational stress injuries.

The dogs selected for the Flanders CAI program undergo extensive training through National Service Dog to ensure they are well-prepared for the unique demands of public safety environments. This training includes advanced behavioral conditioning and exposure to various scenarios that first responders typically encounter, ensuring the animals are both comfortable and effective in their roles.

We will feature testimonials from first responders in Flanders who have witnessed the positive impact of CAI animals in their lives. Their stories will underscore the vital role these dogs play in providing emotional support and fostering recovery, showcasing the profound connections formed through this program.

The Canine Assisted Intervention program, facilitated through National Service Dog, marks a significant advancement in supporting the mental health of public safety personnel in Flanders. Badge of Life Canada is dedicated to nurturing and expanding this program, committed to ensuring that all first responders have access to this invaluable support system. Flanders will be “tailing along” at some of the BOLC events throughout the year, including our main Event in October 2024 at Horseshoe Resort. He hopes to see you there.

Canadian Public Safety personnel and their families are never on this journey alone. Organizations like Badge of Life Canada are here to be a part of that journey with a pro-active approach to mental wellness. We need to continue the dialogue in order to transform the culture. We are always open to positive comments and suggestions. You can reach us on our website at


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